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Meet Jon Gorgioski

Born and bred in Melbourne, I love everything about this great city, so much so that the business I have built, is centred around the community and providing help to those within it.

Naturally inquisitive, I find joy in meeting new people, learning about their life journey and where they see themselves in the future. I feel privileged when they ask me to help them get there.

I’ve spent more than 10 years working in sales, marketing and leadership roles, in addition to more than 8 years leading one of Melbourne’s top resume writing services.

I have also completed tertiary studies in marketing, communications, training and career development.

This unique combination of skills and experience has not only made me a great writer – but an even better listener! I believe in meeting and getting to really know my clients, whether it’s face to face, via virtual meeting or on the phone. Through my experience, I have found this is the only way to successfully provide the help necessary and to accurately develop a personal brand.

This is also why training and coaching is an integral part of my business. By working face to face with individuals and groups, I can drill down to their specific needs, and give them more confidence and clarity about their career path.

“Many of my clients have been through tough times – they need hope that things will get better. That’s why I have developed my practice around providing personalised service, care and confidence building.”

I strongly believe that this level of service is impossible to achieve when you’re churning out impersonal, templated resumes online.

(And, as one of the highest rated resume writers on Google, it seems my clients agree!)

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Resume Services

You have a vision for your life and career. Your resume is an important vehicle for making it happen.

Anyone can use a template to create a resume and email it to you. But this document needs to reflect who you are and what you’re about – your unique value proposition.

It should be consistent with your LinkedIn profile, cover letter, selection criteria and other career documents. Together, they create one holistic picture that shows the world your personal brand.

Over 8 years, my team and I have written more than 2,000 resumes and other career documents. I have personally helped people from all industries, including sales, marketing, engineering, health, IT and finance to name a few. And I’ve worked with clients at all stages of their career, from graduates through to those ascending into the C-suite.

I take the time to ask the right questions in order to create compelling career documents that help clients on their journey to achieve their career ambitions.

Let me help you reflect who you truly are in a resume.

Find out more about my resume services at Alpha Resumes.

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